Friday, May 7, 2010

Selamat Sore :)

Hi everyone!!
This is my first entry..

Congratulations!! (tepuk tangan kat diri sendiri) because finally you found and visited this rubish blog. First of all I would like to say welcome to hope u all support me because i'm new in this blogging job (not blow job,ok).

Why I'm starting to have blog? ohh..thats a good question,dude. i loves to read people's blog and most of my friends ask me "why not you build your own blog?" i said-"oh,thats sound interesting and cools! but I don't have much time to write." they said-"its easy man! try lah!".. so,finally I pun try lah..

Do inform me if there's something wrong with the words in my entries because i'm not so good in English but it's ok for Orang Kampung like me..nyeh! and maybe sometimes I will write in Malay because I think it quiet easy to understand by 1Malaysia people rather than English rite. and don't mad if i mix up the English and Malay (rojak) because i like to eat rojak.

Watch out bloggers out there! do share something on your blogging knowledge with me,ok..Don't be a stingy person because orang tamak selalu rugi.hoh..

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